If you see the start of the school year and
the coming of fall as “It’s About Me” time,
then this page is for you!
The program described below is the fastest, most consistently proven 
way to get your “Ideal Body” back after a long, fun summer! 
While it costs NOTHING to reserve your spot in this highly sought-after program, the current
 session WILL fill to capacity before the start date.  
*Clicking this link allows you to get onto the waiting list.
NOTE: Your spot is not locked in until you complete the registration process.
First, we want to explain the inspiration behind this program…
Are you familiar with the
concept of vacation mode?
Most people are…

This is the mindset people get into when they have scheduled a trip to some ridiculously warm Caribbean island in the middle of winter.

They work feverishly to get all their work done before they leave…

They look forward to that time when they can finally relax, with nothing hanging over them…

And as soon as they get in their seat on the plane, they buckle up and start looking up and down the aisle for the flight attendant so they can order a drink…

“Vacation Mode” strikes.

Sure it’s fun, but many people take this one step too far.

The definition of “vacation mode” starts to slowly change…

The next thing you know…

Their summer vacation mode lasts from the end of the school year, and goes until Labor Day (Ok, maybe a little earlier if the kids start school in August)

All rules get thrown out the window...

Little thought is given to proper eating habits…there’s no cutting back on sugar or alcohol…the gym fades into a distant memory… Moderation? Never heard of it…
If any of this resonates with you, we have a solution.
Because we see this “syndrome” year after year, we decided to design a program to address this issue, specifically…

We call this program our 28-Day Back-to-School Jumpstart!
And here is what you can expect, and we actually GUARANTEE you'll see results
(see the actual guarantee below!).
You WILL: 
  • ​NOT have to completely upend your life in order to achieve your goals.
  • ​Feel like all that “stuff” you did the past summer never happened! 
  • ​Lose the weight and achieve your goal weight loss. 
  • ​Oh… and you’ll feel better, look better and have way more energy!
How will we help make this happen? 
Check out what’s included:
You will receive 12 (60 minute) personalized programmed workouts in a Small-Group setting of only 5 clients per group, 3x a week for a month!
You will receive in-depth nutritional guidelines that highlight good foods that you should be eating and when you should be eating them in a FLEXIBLE diet eating system.
For 4 weeks you will receive coaching from some of the highest qualified coaches in our area AND access to our private facebook accountability group!
Now if that's not enough, for this month only, we will throw in TWO (2) 60minute personal training sessions to get you started! That alone is a $120 value, of which you will receive for FREE!
Now we know that working out is much easier with a friend that you know, love and cherish. So we will extend a warm welcome and allow you to bring 1 friend with you to either of your FREE personal training sessions! And if your friend decides to sign up, just wait until you see cool bonuses we have in store for you!
Here is the Guarantee we mentioned earlier:
“If you fail to achieve the goal we have both agreed upon, and it’s clear you did everything the program asked of you, we will refund 100% of your investment.”
No sideways glances.
No snide comments.
Does that remove a doubt or two?
Hey, let’s face it, we know what we’re doing.
We have a reputation to maintain.
And you have a goal to reach.
If either one of us fails, we BOTH fail.
Final note
We believe in the 28-Day Jumpstart. However, you may never had heard of it... So here is what some past participants have said:
Heather Moon
"I've always been overweight and I finally decided enough was enough. The Athlete Academy was my "go-to" because my daughter has excelled in her sport ever since she joined. The adult program can sometimes be tough, but it's easy when you're motivated and inspired by a great group of coaches and friends who I get to call my fAmily!"
Terri Alexander
"I am over 50 years old and love ALL components of the workout. From the warmup, to the stretching and the strength & conditioning workouts, I feel stronger and find that everday tasks are so much easier. I believe that this adult program is AWESOME because they hear your needs and are specific in designing your program to best suite YOU. And to me, a personalized program is the best kept secret in any workout."
Tracey Yates
"I was your typical "I need to workout but don't have time" type of person before The Athlete Academy. But one day I decided that the excuses were enough. I am now doing exercises and movements that I never thought I was capable of doing. I have way more energy, confidence, and overall stamina. Sometimes getting to the gym requires a lot of coordination with 2 middle schoolers and a husband who travels for work, but since, training has become a priority to not only me, but my entire family and we are so much better for it."

If you agree that when the kids go back to school, the focus should FINALLY turn to you, look no further.

We get it.

And we look forward to working with you.

See you on the inside,
The whole crew at
The Athlete Academy
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